Our Leaders

Foothill Chapter 2018-2019
Board of Directors
Jane Maass

Sharon Brown

First Vice Presidents – Membership
Heather Schourup

Rhonda Grady

Second Vice Presidents – Ticktocker

Linda Metz

Charlotte Reisch

Third Vice Presidents – Philanthropy
Amy Pino

Amy Walsh

Fourth Vice President – Ways and Means
Andria Leahy

Germaine Vondran

Fifth Vice Presidents– Patroness

Jennifer Movafagian

Raquel Dominguez

Sixth Vice Presidents – Education & Comm.
Julie Smith

Seventh Vice President – Provisionals
Leigh Cornell

Niki Stepanian

Hilary Campbell

Hasina Surtee

Kelley Brown


The 2018-19 board bonded well as a team as they successfully escaped from the Exodus Escape room!

Pictured L to R Raquel Dominguez,  Niki Stepanian, Amy Pino, Jane Maas, Amy Walsh, Rhonda Grady, Jennifer Movafogian, Julie Smith, Sharon Brown, and Andria Leahy